Long Beach, CA June 9th, 2014

TAFF Event was a huge success with over 400 in attendance!

The 2014 TAFF Expo took place at the Long Beach Public Library in Downtown Long Beach this past Saturday afternoon. Standing for Tech-Art-Fashion-Food, this one-day event exhibited current & future trends in emerging technologies, contemporary art, wearable fashion, and sustainable agriculture in our growing communities. Admission to this all-ages event cost $10 vip $5 day of general admission, and free early bird pre-registration.

TAFF provided all visitors’ access to the various vendors, art exhibits, and speaker panels. Local vendors and artists displayed their work here, with some selling their work. Some of the booths displayed services or explained them, such as a 3D printer or augmented reality. Over the course of the day, various speakers and panelists would occur in the auditorium adjacent to the expo room, addressing topics of the namesake, like tech, fashion, and food.

 The event was sponsored by Long Beach Public Library, Yelp, and WE Labs. With Yelp providing goodie bags for attendees to enjoy.

Building on the success of the first ever TAFF Expo, the TAFF team is activity working on follow up events.  The response from attendees has been overwhelmingly positive.


 TAFFs’ mission is to showcase the creative, tech, and culinary communities. TAFF promotes local and home-grown talent, as well as bringing other Southern California-based innovators together to create new experiences for the attendees.




235 E. Broadway (Suite 800)

Long Beach, CA 90802